Hey to 100k®

Your Step by Step Program to

Soulful Six Figure Success

Hey to 100k™️

Your Step by Step Program to

Soulful Six Figure Success

I want you to go from Hey to 100k without the hustle and burnout.

Because bro marketing and being on social 24/7 is OUT.
Soul-aligned and heart-centered marketing and enjoying life is IN.
Say bye to living on your phone, and hello to living in the real world 24/7.

Join a live program like no other that gives you an entire year of coaching and support

Learn how to simplify and cut the hustle so you can scale into abundance with ease

Go from pressure and stress to aligned SOULFUL six figures while working LESS

Embody and grow into your six figure self in a sisterhood of soulful entrepreneurs

Go from overwhelm and endless to-do’s to clarity and strategic money-making action

Hey to 100k™️ is everything I've learned from all the mistakes I've made building a successful and SOULFUL six figure online business.

One that allows me to spend most of my time in the real world living the slow soul-aligned and heart-centered life I craved… Packaged in one FUN step by step live program slash mastermind that is going to rock your world, and set your soul on fire ❤️‍🔥


Who is this for?

If you're over the hustle and guilt, and you're feeling called to rise with soul sister entrepreneurs, while FINALLY making serious bank- this is for you.

You get 10 weeks of live trainings, and one whole year of soul sisterhood and coaching to implement at your own pace. This is the space for you to be held so you can grow, scale, and fully evolve into your six figure self.

A whole year of coaching in addition to the program without any monthly charges? Yup. I’m taking the pressure off so you can actually ease into flow, even if hustle is your M-O.

I wanted to create my dream container, where you could be human, and have a crazy month in your personal life, and totally unplug, and still be supported without feeling the pressure.

Yes you’ll learn. Yes you’ll get motivated. Yes you’ll get inspired. And yes you’ll find your soul sister bestie and your next dream client here.

But most importantly you’ll be held accountable to do less and make more. For heart centered entrepreneurs who want less sleaze, and more clients saying ‘yes please’.

Why 100k?

Darling, it’s time to FINALLY break your 100k cherry…

Only 12% of women-owned businesses bring in more than $100K per year, and this percentage is getting smaller, not bigger every year!

When it comes to moms, the stats are even more dismal… only about 3% of mom entrepreneurs ever hit the 100k mark. I’m one of the 3% and ever since I hit that milestone I’ve been obsessed with changing these stats.

Why is it so hard to hit 100k?

The crazy thing is that it’s not hard, in hindsight.

The online business space has exploded over the pandemic, and it continues to boom.

The low overhead and big profit margins of an online business make it a perfect way to hit six figures.

BUT…. And this is going to hurt….

  • We MAKE it SO HARD. Because we’re SO HARD on ourselves.
  • We criticize, diminish, question, and doubt ourselves. every. step. of. the. way.
  • We overcomplicate and overthink the SHIZZLE out of our content, offers, funnels.
  • And we get completely sidetracked and overwhelmed by the endless options.

Because hellooo shiny object syndrome…

Funnels, tech, launches, content, social, copy, offers, email, ads… it’s like opening up a Pandora’s box of infinite paths that are so confusing, and so complicated.

You get conflicting advice, there are too many cooks in the kitchen, and you get stuck in inaction, or minutiae that doesn't move the needle.

Because it’s scary.

It’s scary doing it alone, it’s scary putting yourself out there, and it’s hard to not compare yourself to everyone and feel even more isolated.

And then there’s ALL the mindset stuff that comes up. Visibility Fear, Money Blocks, Imposter Syndrome… it’s endless.

Plus our perfectionism and need to validate ourselves has us wasting years and thousands of dollars on trainings, courses, websites, branding, etc.

Everything but a simple strategy and support system for making the actual money!

THIS is why most female entrepreneurs don’t ever make it to 100k...


You’ve dug yourself a hole and are starting at a deficit before you can even get ahead…

I created Hey to 100k™️ to change this whole stressful roller coaster.

A simplified solution to the overwhelm. A community that holds you, and holds space for you as you grow into your future self.

A coach who works with you every step of the way.

My live programs are magic. The energy of the safe, supportive sisterhood that you always wanted. Like you finally belong, and can breathe and really be yourself.

Vulnerable, raw, and KNOW that you can do this. Because you are held.

And because I will guide you through to success without it taking over your life.

So howww does this happen working part time?

You started your business to have more freedom, time, and money.

But you’re working harder than ever, feeling more stress, and finding it hard to unplug and relax, because the revenue is not coming in.

I’ve WASTED countless hours of my life on the wrong things.

On the things that were not the needle-moving, money making things.

And I’ve taken what I’ve learned and condensed it into a STREAMLINED program, into a simple A to the motherloving B.

A is where you are. B is you hitting 100k.

I’m giving you all the tools and strategies you need to do this in the most TIME EFFICIENT and simple way possible.

The Investment

This program is designed to empower you to get your investment back manifold. My goal is not for you to just do another program, it’s for you to do your business the way that works for the life that you dream of. And let’s be clear. It’s to make you money. Lots of money.

Because even though you can’t see it yet, you’re already the abundant goddess of your dreams. I can see your future self. And I can see the success story and testimonial you’re going to write.

Just wake up every morning, and breathe. I’ll take care of the rest with my unique mix of online business strategy, magnetic social marketing, and mindset magic and give you the magic container and custom support you need to succeed and hit your revenue goals.

Hey to 100k™️



The Timeline

You get an entire year of access to the training modules, and LIVE weekly coaching sessions with Masha!

Yes I will build in chunks of time off because I want to lead by example, and walk the walk.

Yes, you can lean in, and lean out. I will periodically cycle through the modules.

All trainings and coaching sessions will be recorded, and you have A YEAR to go through everything.

What 's Included:
  • 10 week Training Program
  • ONE YEAR of Weekly Business Coaching Calls with Hot Seat Feedback
  • ONE YEAR of Live Content, Strategy, Salespage, Offer, and Funnel Reviews
  • ONE YEAR of access to Training Modules
  • ONE YEAR of soul sisterhood in private community
  • Bonus: Soul Aligned Business Session
  • (1) 100k Vision™️ audio recording
  • (1) Magnetic Visibility™️ audio recording

10 Week Program Overview

100k Vision™️ 
Vision Board, Womanifest Abundance™️, Embodying Your Six Figure Life

Money Mindset Mastery 
Abundance Blockers™️, Limiting Beliefs, Mindset Magic™️

Organic Offers™️ 
Soul-aligned Organic Offers™️, Reverse Engineer Your Path to 100k, your MVOs

Flamingle with HER 
Who and where the FLOCK is she?  HER Dream List

Shine Time 
Your needle moving Money Making Magnetic Visibility™️ Hour

Social Sandwich 
The Magnetic Marketing Strategy to Build Your Aligned Audience

Magnetic Messaging 
Creating Magnetic Rainbows™️, Authentic 'Mind Reading' Messaging

The Soulcial Launch®
Five Figure Soulcial Selling + Launching

Funnel Focus 
Simplifying and Scaling Funnels for Focused Money Making

Bonus Week 
Creating a Truly Soul-Aligned Business that Lights You Up

About Masha

I'm a Soulful Online Business Coach, and I’m on a mission to help entrepreneurs build a SOULful six figure online business, while spending less time online! One that is aligned with your dream life, and brings you joy, freedom, and abundance.

My purpose is to empower and equip you to SMASH the 100k ceiling. And celebrate the FLOCK out of you, every step of the way.

Because when we’re held, seen, and believed in, we start realizing we can actually do this.

Over the pandemic I built my online biz from a dream, to a side hustle, to a six figure success that allows me to work part time hours from my Treehouse, and spend more time with myself, and my family, enjoying a 'slower' lifestyle.